Hi there.  

My name is Madeleine. I run Mikan. 

Mikan was impulsively birthed one May evening in Tokyo, Japan. I essentially began this project because I have always harbored much appreciation for fashion and have long since craved an outlet for it. I suppose I should be transparent and reveal that I’m not a professional by any means nor have I ever studied fashion. I’m just an admirer who decided to manifest her enthusiasm for it through this venture.

The periodical collections that I publish here are exceedingly personal, which is why they contain limited items (and only a single stock of each). I am the one who selects each of the products you see. I’ve run my fingers through the fabric, I’ve inspected the quality of the material. These collections are essentially a curation of very carefully selected pieces that express my individual style, which I like to believe is presentable and classic -- but never dull. I often forage for pieces that execute an elevated approach to simple, understated works.

I view fashion as an art worthy of investment. Thus, when purchasing pieces, I always consider the long-time wearability of the item. It needs to be in vogue, irrespective of the era. Each collection published may have a running theme or motif that pertains to it, but ultimately all the items boast the indispensable quality of timelessness. Mikan promotes slow fashion as opposed to fast: the pieces you see here heed no attention to trends, instead favoring those that are ageless and enduring.

As I stated earlier, I don’t claim to be an expert in this field. I’m learning this as I go along. Since Mikan’s birth, I’ve had the privilege of connecting and collaborating with a number of different artists, who have all taught me such invaluable lessons. Ultimately, I would love for the site to serve as a platform for different artists and myself to showcase our work. 

I’d like to thank you for visiting this page. Your interest in Mikan is most appreciated and your support is such an enormous source of inspiration. I don’t know how this whole endeavor will turn out, but I am very grateful you have joined me thus far. 

Bye for now.